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About Us

Rooted in tradition, committed to sustainability

HANSA Timber Trade is a family-run business which

produces and exports Latvian timber products. 


​Today we provide timber to businesses and homes all around the world. While caring for the environment and not compromising on the price, our mission at HANSA Timber Trade is to make this natural material available to as many people as possible.

Our Story

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of a lush forest, there was a family-owned timber business. For generations, this family had dedicated their lives to the art of forestry,

carefully tending to the trees and nurturing them to their full potential. They were true stewards of the land, committed to preserving the natural beauty of the forest for future generations.

The patriarch of this family, the beloved grandfather, had spent an impressive 48 years working in the forestry industry. His dedication and passion for the work had earned him numerous accolades and awards over the years, including a prestigious honor for his contributions to the field.

As the family business continued to thrive under his leadership, the grandfather imparted his wisdom and expertise to his children and grandchildren. They learned the value of hard work, patience, and respect for the natural world. They also learned the importance of preserving their family legacy and continuing the tradition of sustainable forestry for generations to come.

With each passing year, the family business grew stronger and more successful, fueled by a deep sense of pride and commitment to their craft. They continued to innovate and adapt, embracing new technologies and practices to ensure the highest standards of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

And so, the story of this family timber business continues, rooted in a deep love and reverence

for the natural world and a steadfast commitment to

honoring the legacy of the grandfather who started it all.

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